If you want to browse beautiful analog film equipment with artfully curated film programming, Durham Cinematheque.

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If you’re a fan of cheap drinks at dive bars and the sound of whirring projectors, Kings in Raleigh hosts A/V Geeks.

A/V Geeks at Kings RaleighCan never get enough A/V Geeks! This film was crazy. November 2019


Come for the film variety, good company, hot dogs, and support a good local business. Don’t come for a comfortable seat. Movieloft at Shadowbox Studio.


If curved screens don’t bother you, you won’t mind AMC or Lumina theaters.

The metal surrounding the screen might distract you, the tight seating is not ideal, but the programming is $free99. Rubenstein Center at Duke University.

Rubenstein Center - Duke

Good food, comfortable seats, with specialty content almost always, Alamo Drafthouse is the place to go for a reliably enjoyable Raleigh cinema experience.

If you don’t care how much money you have to spend, want access to big theaters with flat screens, and happen to live in Chapel Hill and won't travel, Silverspot will work.


If you need a moviehouse that scratches every itch, Carolina Theatre of Durham is Durham's must-see.

RETRO film series, MovieDiva, CINEMA OVERDRIVE and festival fun, all year.