Triangle Cinema film screenings resource

NC Triangle: Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, RTP, and surrounding




KHA_7463KHA_7463 The Carolina Theatre of Durham


Local programmers in have an incredible wealth of knowledge

in the film medium and its history, which they share in oft entertaining,

always educational, compelling introductions at many of the screenings.


The Carolina Theatre currently hosts:



curated, and, if you're lucky, with introductions by Jim Carl, Director of Film Programming for the Carolina Theatre of Durham.





curated & with introductions by Laura Boyes, film curator of the NC Museum of Art, featured at both The Carolina Theatre of Durham and at NCMA.




at the Carolina Theatre

curated & with introductions by local filmmaker Adam Hulin, at both The Carolina Theatre of Durham and 1st Mondays at Alamo Drafthouse Raleigh.




Durham is also home to:


Duke University hosts free screenings at the Rubenstein Center via:





Uproarious MOVIELOFT screenings can be enjoyed at Shadowbox Studio in Durham, hosted by proprietors Jim Haverkamp, Alex Manness, and Stephen Conrad




Last but perhaps my favorite of all, you can enjoy 16mm educational and industrial films screening in the Triangle with A/V Geeks, hosted by A/V Geeks own archivist, Skip Elsheimer at King's in Raleigh, Alamo Drafthouse Raleigh, and various other venues





If this is something you are offering in the Triangle and I have not included info on this, Get In Touch! See some scheduling conflicts? Want to see me at a specific screening? Get In Touch!



If your series should include the opportunity to demonstrate your literacy with an interactive film strip, A/V Geeks.

A/V Geeks Film StripThe Rules are important for everyone.

If you want a series with occasional full-frontal nudity in the trailers, CINEMA OVERDRIVE.

Cinema Overdrive comes to the Carolina Theatre of DurhamCinema Overdrive comes to the Carolina Theatre of DurhamAdam Hulin presenting

If you want to browse beautiful analog film equipment with artfully curated film programming, Durham Cinematheque.


If you need a series to prove that women do and have always had souls, MovieDiva.


If you seek a series with a broad content range, but also need a hot dog and some warm new pals, MovieLoft.

Smyth Brothers - Single Frame at ShadowboxSmyth Brothers - Single Frame at ShadowboxThe Smyth Brothers, identical twin art film duo, organized the Single Frame event at Shadowbox as a pleasant palate cleansing alternative to Full Frame Documentary Festival. Who decides what counts at documentary, anyway? Fuck the Art World (is this the artworld? what say you Danto? Dickie?)

I guess Laurids Andersen Sonne counts...

If you crave a series that combines pop, rock, weird, and wonderful into a Friday double-feature format, Retro.

If you crave a series that combines pop, rock, weird, and wonderful into an occasional FREE classic like It's a Wonderful Life, Retro.

If you crave a series that combines pop, rock, weird, and wonderful into whole weekend of wild movie screenings, Retro.

Thank you, my anonymous Retro sponsor, for your kindness and recognition.


If you’re looking to make the most out of having to share Durham with Duke University with FREE local arthouse quality screenings, Screen/Society.

Screen/SocietyScreen/Societyat the Rubenstein Center at Duke 2019




If you want an intimate arthouse vibe, microcinema Durham Cinematheque might impress that weird friend of yours.

KHA_7346KHA_7346 KHA_7349KHA_7349

If you want to browse beautiful analog film equipment with artfully curated film programming, Durham Cinematheque.

KHA_7354KHA_7354 KHA_7357KHA_7357


If you’re a fan of cheap drinks at dive bars and the sound of whirring projectors, Kings in Raleigh hosts A/V Geeks.

A/V Geeks at Kings RaleighCan never get enough A/V Geeks! This film was crazy. November 2019


Come for the film variety, good company, hot dogs, and support a good local business. Don’t come for a comfortable seat. Movieloft at Shadowbox Studio.


If curved screens don’t bother you, you won’t mind AMC or Lumina theaters.

The metal surrounding the screen might distract you, the tight seating is not ideal, but the programming is $free99. Rubenstein Center at Duke University.

Rubenstein Center - Duke

Good food, comfortable seats, with specialty content almost always, Alamo Drafthouse is the place to go for a reliably enjoyable Raleigh cinema experience.

If you don’t care how much money you have to spend, want access to big theaters with flat screens, and happen to live in Chapel Hill and won't travel, Silverspot will work.


If you need a moviehouse that scratches every itch, Carolina Theatre of Durham is Durham's must-see.

RETRO film series, MovieDiva, CINEMA OVERDRIVE and festival fun, all year.

No matter which theater you find yourself in at the Carolina Theatre

unless you find yourself in Cinema Two for a packed house at LadyBird
sitting in a stackable chair in the balcony

you'll have some reason to feel romance.

CINEMA ONE: almost 300 comfortable seats and not a bad one in the house.
CINEMA TWO: tiny, but with decent vantage points and decent seating.

FLETCHER HALL: Hopefully not a long haul. The seats will punish you. But you can sit in the balcony and make out with someone privately.